Friday, August 28, 2009

More 4 Kubrick Season Trailer

Channel 4 Creative Services produced this one-take steadicam shot to promote the Stanley Kubrick season on the British TV station More 4 which began on the 15th of July 2008.

“We wanted to remain as faithful as possible to the period in which it was shot and the culture of the British studio in the late 70s,” a spokesperson said.

“We set about casting people who resembled Kubrick's own crew back in the day, casting look-alikes to play the role of his script-lady (June Randall), AD (Brian W. Cook) and DP (John Alcott), as well as look-alikes to play Shelley Duvall, Danny and the twin girls who appear fleetingly in the trail.”

Most of the film and lighting equipment that appear in the trail were those used in THE SHINING. Many of the props were recreated based upon photos or sketches from Kubrick's archives. The spot was shot using a 25mm Cooke lens, a favourite lens of Kubrick's. A cast of 55 actors appear in the 65 second steadicam shot which was shot over two days in June 2008 at Bray Studios, London.

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