Monday, June 25, 2007

Stanley Kubrick's Grave

Some of the best stories start at the end & work their way back. Kubrick was buried in the grounds of his home, Childwickbury Manor, Hertfordshire, under the shade of his favourite tree. These pictures were taken in 2001.


john said...

my old boss and a friend made this headstone.

FT said...

Hi John thanks for the timely comment on the 9th anniversary of Kubricks death, could you provide us with some more info on the headstone?

john said...

yeah i used to be a stonemason and my old gaffer who probably wouldnt want me to use his name made this he told me, The story he told me was something like its jewish tradition to leave pebbles by the grave so Mrs kubrick got My ex-boss and another guy to make one large pebble, think it took about a week, and he told me its in windsor, I just google SK gravestone on google and found it when it popped into my head one day. Hes not the kind of guy to talk poop.